Description of Services:

We will match athletes with appropriate fitness centers. Matching will be based upon, location, desired equipment and available programs. Certified Personal Trainers employed by partnering fitness centers will be utilized to administer services. Our Executive Director will screen all trainers to verify qualifications, and to ensure that their values align with our Mission and Vision.

All athletes will begin their program after baseline data is acquired. This will be accomplished using an InBody Body Composition Analyzer which measures, weight, intracellular water, extracellular water, lean body mass, body fat mass, body mass index, percent body fat, skeletal muscle mass, segmental fat analysis by body part, and much more. The InBody will be utilized regularly to monitor progress and to personalize exercise and diet programs. At the start of an individual’s program, goals will be established as a team by the athlete, personal trainer, Executive Director, as needed, Physician and family members. The Executive Director will continually make observations, manage goals, and adjust programs as required to achieve success.

Who would be eligible for this program?

Any person with a disability will be eligible to participate in Ability Fitness. Though as an organization our preference is to take the ‘dis’ out of ability, in regard to eligibility requirements disability will be referenced as any person who has an impairment that is physical, cognitive, mental, sensory, emotional or developmental, singular or in some combination.

Ability Fitness will service those individuals that would benefit from instructional support in the following capacities:

  1. The need for instructional support or possible modifications or adaptations due to a physical impairment.
  2. The need for instructional support due to an activity limitation that may require assistance in executing a task (for instance the need for additional time, guidance, or the need for repetition to process information, rules and expectations).
  3. The need for instructional support due to participatory restrictions that may involve behavioral or social anxieties so that collectively a person can experience success in a community environment.

Who would work with Ability Fitness members?

Fitness Coaches would be assigned to assist each member. The long term goal of Ability Fitness is to assist members in establishing and/or maintaining lifelong healthy habits.

The first visit with an Ability Fitness coach would include an initial evaluation using the InBody. The first visit would also include a gathering of information including any medical restriction, interests (the use of weight machines vs. a Zumba class) or other pertinent information (social, motor or cognitive in nature) that would be needed while establishing a members fitness program and goals.

A fitness chart that will include a members programming and period of re-evaluation, method of evaluation, and ratio of coach to member in a session will also be established and documented at the first meeting as follows:

  1. A Fitness chart will include the fitness machines to be used, as well as sets, repetitions and weight.
  2. Re-evaluations dates will be set at the beginning of the program. At that time of each re-evaluation the current programming will be reviewed and adjusted as needed to maximize continued growth and development.
  3. Included in each periodic re-evaluation will be review of attendance, comments on instructional observation and level of active participation.
  4. The initial meeting will also decide the best ratio of Ability Fitness coach to member. Options available will include:
    1. 1:1 individualized instruction
    2. Group instruction. Where a coach may guide up to 5 members at a time during their fitness session

Independent consultation. After the first visit with a coach where programming goals are established, the member will visit the fitness center independently. The coach will check in periodically to see if progress is being made and/or if the members programming needs to be adjusted in any way.